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Rosie's Success

Alabama Dentist - Porcelain Crowns and a Partial Denture

Rosie had several dental challenges to address. She had several old crowns and a bridge that were failing, decay, and highly visible metal clasps to hold her two partials in place. In addition, one of her most concerning problems was the collapse of her bite which is most detectable by the fact that her teeth were not level from front to back. This condition results directly from previous tooth loss without timely replacement.

Rosie's case classically represents what happens after teeth are lost and not replaced quickly…the opposing tooth (or teeth) drifts out of its normal position. The resulting drifted teeth are unfortunately often times addressed in the least healthy or cosmetically desirable way: replacement of the missing tooth with a shorter tooth using whatever space remains at the time of correction. Collapsed bites can lead to tooth breakage, tooth loss, and TMJ pain or discomfort. Remember that the removal of teeth should always be considered as a last resort and if necessary always plan to replace a lost permanent tooth within 3-12 months of its loss to prevent additional complications. 

Rosie's case consisted of removal of the decayed, periodontal involved, and drifted upper teeth plus placement of a custom designed cosmetic upper denture. Her lower arch treatment consisted of eight porcelain crowns with precision attachments to perfectly hold her lower partial denture. Rosie's lower partial also has special tissue colored clasps rather than metal clasps to help secure it into place. These special clasps make her partial invisible.

Cosmetic denture and partial designed by Trident Dental Laboratory, Hawthorne, California. Lower porcelain crowns designed by Mr. Steve Barksdale of Barksdale Dental Laboratory. Cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Brad Beasley.

Alabama Dentist - Porcelain Crowns and a Partial Denture

Rosie - “I was doubtful at first!  But Dr. Beasley and the girls came out and did sooo good. I have really enjoyed them (my new teeth) and so has everyone else!” - Rosie