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Linda's Success

Alabama Dentist - Anterior Porcelain Bridge

This patient was very unhappy with the appearance of her existing anterior bridge. Her front tooth # 9 had been lost and replaced many years ago with a porcelain-to-metal bridge. This old bridge had a visible dark metal gumline margin and the bone loss associated with the missing front tooth left an obvious dark hole between Linda's front teeth. The gum tissue had also receded showing a portion of the tooth root on the adjacent lateral incisor.

Approximately two months prior to removing her previous bridge, Montgomery periodontist Dr. Stephen Phelan was utilized to perform a ridge augmentation procedure to graft the defect left after the loss of Linda's front tooth. This surgical procedure allows the dentist to create the illusion of making the missing tooth on a bridge look exactly like a natural tooth at the gumline.

Anterior Porcelain Bridge

"The results of this procedure exceeded my expectations. The entire staff led by Dr. Beasley were professional and courteous at all times. I don't know who is more proud, me or them !" – Linda

After approximately 4-6 weeks of adequate healing, Dr. Beasley used a diode laser to create an ovate pontic site in the missing tooth area. Next, an appropriate provisional (temporary) bridge was made to help "train" the gingival tissue in the grafted missing tooth site to heal correctly. Once the patient has had several days to "test drive" the temporary bridge, Dr. Beasley then evaluated the Linda's smile for proper aesthetics and functionality.

Only after every aspect of the new smile is approved by the patient and the dentist is when an impression of the temporaries is made and sent to the dental laboratory to be converted into porcelain. This exacting process allows the patient to know with certainty that they will like the color, length, and design of their new smile because they actually get to wear the prototypes first.

It was decided to use an Authentic porcelain bridge restoration due to its combination of both strength and beauty. The Authentic bridge solution allowed the entire facial surface of the front four teeth to have the aesthetics of an all-porcelain restoration. Authentic porcelain bridge created by master ceramist Mr. Krieg Degraff of D & M Dental Arts, Merced, California. Smile design and cosmetic dentistry performed by Dr. Brad Beasley.