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Mary's Success

Alabama Dentist - Invisalign, Crowns, Veneers, and a Bridge

Mary Alice had several concerns: old dentistry that did not match her natural teeth, worn and chipped teeth, dark stains, and a loose front tooth. Dr. Beasley determined that her front tooth # 7 was non-restorable and required extraction. Mary Alice had also worn much of the inside enamel away on her upper incisors plus her bite did not permit the placement of full porcelain restorations without first performing orthodontic corrections. She also had uneven gingival margins on her upper anterior teeth. However, she had a low smile line and did not reveal this upon full smile.

It was ultimately decided to first complete Invisalign orthodontics, followed by extraction of tooth # 7 and grafting of the extraction site by periodontist, Dr. Paul Weeks in Huntsville, AL. After complete healing of the # 7 area graft, the restorative phase was initiated.

invisalign, crowns, veneers, bridge

Dr. Beasley used computer imaging to show the new smile design to Mary Alice and gain her input and approval. This imaging photo along with several smile design records and other information was given to Mr. Krieg DeGraff of D & M laboratory to aid in creating the diagnostic wax-up. Using a diode laser the # 7 ovate pontic site was prepared.

Dr. Beasley and Mary Alice evaluated temporary crowns made from the diagnostic wax-up for proper aesthetics, phonetics, function, and comfort. Mary Alice also utilized a Viajet oral irrigator daily during the time she was in temporaries to aid in keeping her tissue healthy and clean interproximally.

All together, teeth # 2 through 14 were restored. Teeth # 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 were restored with Authentic porcelain crowns. # 6 through 8 was an Authentic-to-metal bridge with metal reinforcement on the lingual surface only. Teeth # 2, 3, and 14 were restored with porcelain-to-high-noble metal crowns. All crowns and veneers were created by master ceramist Mr. Kreig DeGraff of D & M Dental Arts, Merced, California. Smile design and cosmetic dentistry performed by Dr. R. Brad Beasley.