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Nick's Success

Alabama Dentist - Implant, Veneer, and Crown

Nick came to us for emergency treatment after being hit in the face by a cable at work. Tooth #8 (upper right) was knocked out but did not have any fractures, and the root was not damaged. Tooth #9 (upper left) was broken and was non-restorable. Dr. Beasley placed tooth #8 back into the socket while a temporary pontic (filler tooth) was made for tooth #9 until Nick could have the remaining root extracted and an implant placed. Teeth #7-10 were splinted together to stabilize the injured teeth. After Dr. Paul Weeks placed Nick's implant Dr. Beasley placed a custom implant temporary made by NuCraft Dental Lab to help train the tissue around tooth #9. Nick also had a root canal performed on tooth #8 after multiple pulp vitality tests showed that he had no cold response left. Tooth #8 was then restored with a porcelain veneer and tooth #9 was restored with a porcelain implant crown.

Nick's porcelain veneer and implant crown was created by NuCraft Dental Lab, Bogart, Georgia, and Dr. Brad Beasley performed his smile design and cosmetic dentistry.