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Linda's Success

Alabama Dentist - Near Full Mouth Reconstruction

Linda had several different dental problems that needed to be addressed. These problems included heavy incisal edge wear, abfraction lesions, and exposed crown margins. She also had lost most of the inside enamel on her upper incisors.

Dr. Beasley determined that there was insufficient inter-arch space to restore the upper incisors with needed full coverage porcelain restorations. One option to create necessary space to correct her over-closed bite with longer porcelain crowns would be to move the teeth first with orthodontics. However, because of the poor condition of her aged posterior dentistry, Linda chose not to do orthodontics and instead to upgrade her old posterior crowns and bridges all at the same time. This near full mouth reconstruction allowed Linda’s bite to be opened in the anterior without braces.

near full mouth restoration

All together, teeth # 3 through 14 were restored on the upper arch and # 19 through 31 were restored on the lower arch. On the upper, teeth # 3 and 14 were restored with porcelain fused to metal crowns and # 4 through # 13 were restored with Authentic porcelain crowns. On the lower, teeth # 19 through # 21 and # 28 through 30 were restored with porcelain fused to metal bridges, # 22 through # 27 incisal edges were restored with composite resin, and # 31 with a single porcelain fused to metal crown.

All crowns and bridgework were created by master ceramist Mr. Kreig Degraff of D & M Dental Arts, Merced, California. Cosmetic dentistry and smile design performed by Dr. R. Brad Beasley.