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Linda's Success

Alabama Dentist - Replacement of Missing Lateral Incisor

Linda didn’t like the dark margin at the gum line of her front crowned tooth #10. The crown did not match the color and translucency of Linda’s neighboring teeth, which made her front crown very noticeable. After several years of service, decay formed under this crown.

Dr. Beasley removed the old crown and found too much decay to justify further restorative treatment. After discussing all available options such as an implant, bridge, or partial denture, Linda opted to have what remained of her tooth extracted and an implant placed.

Dr. Paul Weeks in Huntsville, AL placed Linda’s implant. Linda wore a temporary crown while the implant site healed. Kreig DeGraff of D & M Dental Arts in Merced, CA created the porcelain implant crown that Dr. Beasley restored.