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Laura's Success

Dental Bridges and Veneers to Replace Missing Teeth

Laura came to us because she was congenitally missing teeth #7 and #10 and wanted to discuss options for replacement of these teeth.

She had previously worn braces to close a diastema between #8 and #9, and to create space between teeth #6 and #9, #10 and #12. There was still not enough room for implant placement in the areas of the missing teeth.

After reviewing the diagnostic wax-up, Dr. Beasley and Laura agreed upon placing veneers on teeth #5 and #12 as well as full coverage bridges between teeth #6-8 and #9-11.

Dr. Beasley used a diode laser to create an ovate pontic on teeth # 7 and #10 and also raised her tissue on teeth #8 and #9. Temporary bridges were made to help “train” the gingival tissue in the grafted areas. Once Laura had several days to try out her temporaries, Dr. Beasley evaluated Laura’s smile for proper aesthetics and functionality.

Laura’s veneers and bridges were created by master ceramist Mr. Krieg DeGraff of D & M Dental Arts, Merced, California. Smile design and cosmetic dentistry performed by Dr. R. Brad Beasley