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Judy's Success

Alabama Dentist - Age Appropriate Smile Restoration

Judy was concerned about incisal edge wear, multiple vertical enamel fractures, and cold sensitivity associated with her upper anterior teeth. Judy wished to restore her teeth for all the reasons above but she also wanted a natural, age-appropriate color for her new smile rather than whiter teeth.

Dr. Beasley determined that teeth # 5 through 13 needed to be restored with conservative, minimal reduction porcelain veneers at 1st phase treatment and that lower anterior teeth # 22 through 27 will need to be restored at 2nd phase treatment.

Dr. Beasley used computer imaging to demonstrate what Judy's new smile would look like, and then passed that imaging photo and other information along to the laboratory for use in producing the diagnostic wax-up. The temporary veneers created from the wax-up were approved by Dr. Beasley and Judy for cosmetic appeal and comfort, and for use in speaking and eating.

All together, teeth # 5 through 13 were restored on the upper arch. Teeth # 5, 12, and 13 were Authentic porcelain crowns and teeth # 6 through 11 were Authentic porcelain veneers. Judy’s crowns and veneers were created by master ceramist Mr. Kreig Degraff of D & M Dental Arts, Merced, California. Cosmetic dentistry and smile design performed by Dr. R. Brad Beasley.

age appropriate smile restoration

porcelain veneers before after

porcelain veneers