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Jimmy's Success

Alabama Dentist - Failing Dental Bridges Replaced

Jimmy presented to us with a couple of problems. He had enamel wear on his upper teeth and also had two posterior bridges that were failing. Some of the teeth that supported the bridge were non-restorable and those teeth were extracted.

Due to the number of already missing upper posterior teeth and financial considerations Jimmy chose a precision-retained removable partial denture. Dr. Beasley utilized a diagnostic wax-up to help design Jimmy’s new smile, then used the diagnostic wax-up to create temporary crowns to be evaluated functionally and cosmetically by Jimmy and Dr. Beasley.

Teeth # 6-10 were splinted together and restored with a porcelain-to-high-noble metal bridge with precision ERA attachments to aid in retention of the partial denture and prevent the undesirable appearance of metal clasps in the smile zone. To replace the posterior teeth a metal-based partial denture was carefully designed to fill out his smile and blend in well with the new anterior bridge.

Mr. Steve Barksdale of Barksdale Dental Lab in Athens, AL created Jimmy’s bridges. His removable partial was made by Mr. Donald Saint of Custom Dental Lab in Huntsville, AL. Smile design and cosmetic dentistry was performed by Dr. R. Brad Beasley.

replace failing dental bridge