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Jeffery's Success

Alabama Dentist - Sedation Dentistry Used in Smile Redesign

Dr. Grill had several dental concerns to address. He had several gaps between his upper front teeth that he wanted closed plus a missing posterior tooth that needed replacing. Several of his upper teeth had failing, tooth-colored fillings with generalized staining.

Dr. Grill's treatment consisted of restoring all remaining upper teeth with porcelain while under non-IV sedation. With a combination of 12 total porcelain crowns including 1 porcelain bridge, a brighter and more full smile was created. Ridge augmentation, in the area of the missing tooth replaced by the bridge, was performed by oral surgeon Dr. William Littlejohn. Porcelain crowns and bridge crafted by Mr. Steve Barksdale of Barksdale Dental Laboratory. Cosmetic dentistry smile design and treatment by Dr. Brad Beasley.

“I am entirely pleased with the new smile Dr. Beasley has given me. Friends and colleagues have made favorable comments. One said I look 20 years younger. I can recommend Dr. Beasley and his professional staff with complete confidence.” - Jeffery Grill