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Jeff's Success

Inivsalign, Whitening, and Porcelain Crowns

Jeff presented to us wanting to improve his smile by crowning 6-8 upper anterior teeth but was open to any suggestions that Dr. Beasley could provide. Dr. Beasley informed Jeff that because of his full smile, he might want to crown 8-12 teeth.

Jeff had several large leaking amalgam fillings in the posterior region and also wear through the enamel from canine to canine on his lower teeth. Dr. Beasley informed Jeff that he would have to do bonding on the lower teeth before any porcelain could be placed on the uppers.

Dr. Beasley also recommended to Jeff that to get the ideal treatment, he would need ortho first to correct restricted envelope of function.

Jeff decided to use Invisalign to correct his orthodontic needs. After about eight months of treatment in Invisalign and whitening his lower teeth, Jeff proceeded with 14 porcelain crowns on his upper arch.

DaVinci Dental Studios in West Hills, California created Jeff’s porcelain crowns. Smile design and cosmetic dentistry was performed by Dr. R. Brad Beasley.

“The work that you and your staff did for my cosmetic dentistry is of the highest standard.” - Jeff Harmon

Jeff Harmon was so impressed by Dr. Beasley and his staff that he wrote a letter to Dr. Beasley to express his appreciation.

February 18, 2009

Dr. Brad Beasley,

I wanted to send you a note regarding my treatment plan for the cosmetic dentistry you performed on me over this past year and a half. It was such a good experience, I don't know where to start. How about from the beginning?

When I realized that I wanted to change my appearance using cosmetic dentistry, the first thing I did was read all that I could find and make appointments to get treatment plans with four different dentists. This was a very enlightening experience, because what I came to realize, was there are no real standards for a dentist advertising cosmetic dentistry. One of the appointments basically went this way. The dentist comes in, does an oral exam, talks with me for about 12-15 minutes, and then declares, "I can set you up with veneers, no problem. Just let me know when you want to do it." I am so glad I did not choose their plan!

My appointment with you was my last. I am very grateful that it was. I was able to compare your approach to my case with the other dentists and that was a big help. I appreciated the fact that you performed a detailed oral exam, took lots of photos and measurements, and then did not talk to me. I realized later, you needed time to really evaluate my case with the data you had gathered, and then come up with a realistic treatment plan and determine if I was really a good candidate.

When I came in for my cosmetic treatment plan proposal, I was again impressed that you took a lot of time to fully explain in detail what your approach would be. It was very evident that you studied the data, and came up with the treatment process, and showed me your evidence as to why you would do it that way. Also, imagine my surprise when you said you did not want to take my case cosmetically until I had orthodontic work done! That was a home-run in my book. That told me you absolutely knew what you were doing. I was disappointed that I had to wait another year, but I knew it was best.

Next step, orthodontics. I chose to have you perform that step (rather than someone else), because you knew where you wanted my teeth positioned for the cosmetic work. The Invisalign system was great. I greatly appreciated the time you took to measure the movement and compare it to the Invisalign plan to ensure proper progress. At this time, I would like to mention a member of your staff - Michelle. She was the technician that worked with me the most. I could tell her attention to detail during the Invisalign process was of the highest order. Again, I really appreciated that.

I was pretty excited when we actually started the cosmetic process (even if you couldn't tell). We had some challenges when we were deciding and matching colors, but in the end, the colors (shading) we decided on looked great and they were a great match. When the da Vinci porcelain veneers arrived and the fitting process began, again the attention to detail from you and your staff (Michelle and Patrice) was commendable. I was impressed by your desire for perfection when you expressed displeasure with the inaccurate fit and color on a few of the veneers and that you sent them back to the lab for adjustment. During the next appointment, when I got all of the veneers applied, what can I say but 'wow.' They were amazing looking. They were an amazing fit. It was also amazing to me to be able to have a 'bite' where all the teeth touched (only three or four contact points before).

The work that you and your staff did for my cosmetic dentistry is of the highest standard. Your work exemplifies the art and engineering of cosmetic dentistry. I would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone needing cosmetic dentistry. I would willingly talk to any of your prospective patients about my experience.

I would again like to point out Michelle's extremely high technical abilities. Every interaction with her she showed that she had superior technical skills and attention to detail that an engineer could love. She has a great personality, and she would make an excellent dentist.

One other thought… The main reason I had this procedure was my teeth were dentally in bad shape, and I never smiled because of this. Since I have had the veneers, I find that my confidence has improved, and I smile.

Thank you, Patrice, Michelle and Dr. Beasley!


Jeff Harmon