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Gingival Cosmetic Surgery


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Unbalanced gum structure can greatly detract from a beautiful smile. The two most common problems are a "gummy smile" (too much gingival display) and an "asymetrical smile" (unbalanced gingival heights).

A gummy smile is not uncommon - some can be corrected in our office using the same local anesthesia that is used for routine dental procedures. These cases require recontouring of the gum tissue heights only. Some patients require more extensive removal of excess gum tissue and bone to crrect their gummy smile. These patients are referred to our periodontal specialist.

Asymmetrical smiles are often caused by malpositioned or crooked teeth. Gumline decay and gum recession can also cause unbalanced gum structure. It is critical to first correct the causative factor and then balance the gum tissue heights. When the tissue is symmetrical and the teeth are restored... the before and after results are quite dramatic.

Contact our office today for a free cosmetic consultation to see if gingival cosmetic surgery might help correct your gummy smile.