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This patient came to us after having his upper 8 porcelain veneers done by a dentist in Atlanta. His upper arch smile was not as full as he wanted so Dr. Beasley widened the upper by adding 2 more porcelain veneers ( 1 on each side in the posterior). He also wanted his lower teeth to match his uppers so Dr. Beasley did porcelain veneers on his lower 10 teeth.

This case of all Durathin porcelain Veneers was made by Experience Dental Studios in Lindon, Utah.


This Durathins case was done in 2018. For a patient who already had a pretty smile. However she wanted a more full and brighter smile. So Dr. Beasley did 10 Durathins porcelain veneers by Experience Dental Studios in Lindon, Utah.