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Composite Fillings

Metal fillings vs tooth-colored fillings.Huntsville Dentist - White Composite Fillings

If given the opportunity, most people would choose white composite fillings over silver (amalgam) fillings just based on cosmetic appeal alone. When people learn that "silver" fillings are nearly 50% mercury by weight, the choice becomes about their health as well. Whether or not the mercury in amalgam fillings is toxic remains a controversial and unresolved issue in the field of dentistry today.

Our office does not place amalgam filling material to restore teeth in children or adults. Dr. Beasley eliminated the use of amalgam in his office in 1999.

Placement of white composite fillings is not taught in traditional dental school, and many general dentists are not comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone. Dr. Beasley has the skill, training and experience to place white composite fillings, which are aesthetically much more appealing, do not contain mercury, and actually strengthen the remaining tooth structure through the bonding process. Composites are also much less likely to have marginal leakage or cause fractures in teeth like amalgams.

Composite bonding can be used to fill cavities and to restore small defects in teeth. Click here for more information about composite bonding used to repair chips and other small defects.

Each case is absolutely unique, and only a highly trained, skilled dentist like Dr. Beasley can help you make an informed decision. Make an appointment today to see if white composite fillings would work for you.

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