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Posts for: February, 2016

By Beasley Cosmetic & General Dentistry
February 03, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: invisalign  

Are you embarrassed by your crooked teeth, but don’t want to wear the traditional metal bracket and wire braces? Then Invisalign clear aligners from Dr. Brad Beasley of Beasley Family and Implant Dentistry in Athens, AL could be what you're looking for. Made of BPA-free acrylic, Invisalign aligners fit tightly over teeth, straightening them comfortably and almost invisibly.Invisalign

The American Dental Association states that straight teeth are not only good looking, but they are healthy too. They are easier to clean and less susceptible to decay and gum disease. So who wouldn't want to give Invisalign clear aligners a try? But if you’re still unsure and have some questions, here are a few common answers:

  1. How long is Invisalign treatment? Typically, Invisalign aligners straighten teeth in an average of 12 months-- more quickly than traditional braces.

  2. Can the patient take out his or her aligners? Yes, patients should remove their aligners to eat, brush, and floss. Individuals wear the appliances for 20 to 22 hours per day to keep treatment on track.

  3. Are the aligners comfortable? Patients report the aligners are very comfortable. A special Invisalign lab fabricates the appliances from clear acrylic, and each set fits snugly over top and bottom teeth, exerting gradual physical forces to change tooth positions. At the start of treatment, teeth may be a bit sore, but this quickly resolves. Additionally, because aligners are smooth, patients have no sore spots from brackets or broken wires.

  4. Can teens be Invisalign patients? Yes, teens wear Invisalign clear braces in Athens, AL and across the country. Even when adult teeth have not fully developed, the aligners can be equipped with eruption tabs to leave space for incoming teeth. Plus, to help teens, parents, and dentists know if patients wear the appliances consistently, Invisalign offers colored compliance tabs. These features indicate the wear pattern.

  5. How many sets of aligner will I wear? The appliances come in pairs--usually 18 to 30 altogether depending on the plan. Patients visit Dr. Beasley every 4 to 6 weeks for a quick check and to receive the next sets of aligners. Different from metal braces, Invisalign requires no extended time in the dental chair and no complicated adjustments.

  6. Do all dentists offer Invisalign? While Invisalign treatment has become more and more popular, not all dentists qualify to work with this innovative system. However, Dr. Beasley is fully trained in the treatment and was a 2014 Preferred Invisalign Provider in Huntsville and Athens.

Athens Invisalign Aligners: a Clear Choice

Why not further explore the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners? Call Dr. Brad Beasley at the office of Beasley Family and Implant Dentistry in Athens, AL today to arrange your free consultation and see if this treatment is right for you.