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Posts for: February, 2015

By Beasley Cosmetic & General Dentistry
February 03, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Mini ImplantsYou may be familiar with traditional dental implants, which are a common, permanent solution to replace missing teeth. But traditional implants can be cost prohibitive for many people. They also take several months with separate dental visits to complete the procedure.

For those looking for a more inexpensive, faster solution to loose dentures, mini dental implants may be the answer.

How Do They Work?

Mini dental implants are small posts inserted into the jaw bone. These posts help secure the denture onto the gums to avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable slippage. The procedure is so simple it can be completed in one visit taking only and hour or two using only a local anesthetic. Denture wearers can even eat with their dentures the very same day.

Advantages of Mini Dental Implants

One of the major advantages of mini implants over traditional implants is the cost savings. They are often less than half the cost of traditional implants. Mini implants are also completed much faster than traditional implants so there is little to no down-time. You can eat, drink, and feel comfortable socializing immediately. Plus, having your dentures secured by mini implants means no more denture adhesives or loose-fitting dentures. They can also be made to fit the dentures you already have, which saves time and money.


Not everyone is an appropriate candidate for mini implants. Also, not all dentists are certified to offer this option. If you are interested in mini dental implants, be sure to find a dentist that specializes in this procedure. Dr. R. Brad Beasley of Beasley Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Athens, AL offers mini dental implants using the patented 3M Denture Attachment System.

If you have dentures and are tired of slippage, but you always assumed that traditional implants would be too costly or take too much time, consider mini dental implants as the affordable, fast solution to having more secure, more comfortable dentures.