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Posts for: December, 2014

By North Alabama Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry, PC
December 19, 2014
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As a cosmetic dentistry provider in Huntsville, Dr. Beasley often hears many myths and claims surrounding cosmetic dentistry services. Because he knows the value of cosmetic dentistry procedures in enhancing his patient’s smiles and self-confidence, Dr. Beasley lists the top three myths he hears at his Huntsville, AL practice.
Myth 1: Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Are Only for Celebrities
As an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Beasley gives his patients Hollywood-worthy results, even if their smiles aren’t seen on the silver screen. A common misconception about cosmetic dentistry is that the procedures are only for people who are vain or only concerned with appearance. However, many studies have revealed that cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as crowns, teeth whitening or veneers, offer even greater benefits than an improved smile. A brighter, healthier-appearing smile has been shown to enhance a person’s chance of getting a job or even a date. Finally smiling with self-confidence boosts self-esteem, which offers results that cannot be measured.
Myth 2: Teeth Whitening Products Purchased at a Store Are As Good as Professional Whitening
Dr. Beasley frequently sees patients at his Huntsville, AL dentist office who had similar thoughts. They applied strips or gels, only to fail to see results. Over-the-counter whitening products cannot legally have the strong whitening compounds that professional dentist’s products can. Dr. Beasley offers both in-office whitening with ZOOM! whitening and custom-made whitening trays you can take home and use over the course of two weeks. These whitening products can whiten teeth by anywhere from six to eight shades. Over-the-counter products can whiten one to two shades at most.
Myth 3: Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Are Unaffordable
Cosmetic dentistry procedures at Dr. Beasley’s Huntsville, AL office are not intended to “break the bank.” Instead, they are a method to help you achieve an improved appearance. Our office works to make this as affordable as possible. At a cosmetic dentistry consultation, Dr. Beasley will give you an estimate of the cosmetic dentistry procedure cost. From there, you may choose to utilize a payment plan to pay off the procedure monthly or choose to save until the time is right.
For more information on cosmetic dentistry procedures at Dr. Beasley’s Huntsville, AL dentist’s office, please call (888) 860-5114.